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Ghallai Sughd was founded in 2009 and that year entered into an agreement for the purchase of mill equipment from Turkish company AnaInternational, whose mills have the capacity to workout 120 tons of wheat in a day. In 2010, a contract was signed for the purchase of special grain storage facilities (silos) of the Mysilo company, which were intended to store 7,500 tons of wheat and by the end of that year they were installed and put into operation. By the end of 2011, the installation work was completed and the production of flour began. Practice has shown that the technical conditions for the storage of raw materials in them meet international quality standards.

Manufacture Process
You will learn in detail about the stages of flour manufacture and making bread.

The first step in obtaining wheat is plowing the land. Seeds need to be planted only in the plowed land. A plow is used to plow the land. There are several types of modern plow for plowing the land: disc plow; bush-marsh plow; planter plow; longline plow; garden plows; forest plow; plow for plowing stony soils; plow for smooth plowing. Once the land has been plowed, wheat can be sown.

The second stage is the ripening of the crop. After plowing the land and sowing wheat, it is necessary to wait for the wheat to ripen. The time of ripening depends on the size and type of wheat. Each type of wheat differs from each other in size and taste.

Once the wheat is ripe, you can proceed to the third stage – the harvest. Wheat can be removed from the field in different ways. In the modern world, wheat harvesting is done by combines, which greatly simplifies this type of labor.

The fourth stage is the delivery of grain to the mill. When the harvest is gathered from the fields, it must be delivered to the mill and the most important stages of production will begin there. In modern mills, the reception of grain from road, rail and water transport is carried out by mechanical and pneumatic installations.

Grain is placed in the elevator taking into account its type (hard wheat, soft wheat, rye, oats), quality indicators (humidity, gluten, glassiness); also for the grain of wheat there is a division into classes of grain (the highest, first, second, third, fourth, fifth class, fine grain). Grain infected with bread pests is stored separately.

After the mill has processed the wheat, we will get flour at the output. The type of flour is determined by the kind of grain from which the flour is made. The main types of bread flour are wheat and rye. Wheat flour is produced more than rye. This is due to the specifics of the cultivation of wheat and rye, as well as due to the pleasant taste and high nutritional value of wheat flour products. Bread and other products from flour have the generalized name of flour products.

From the produced flour, we can bake fresh bread, buns or any other baked products.

Why choose Ghallai Sughd products?
Some facts about why most people like working with us ...

100% Product Quality

Our products pass all GOST standards and have a high quality rating. In addition to the mandatory quality checks, we also conduct our own product analysis in the laboratory.

Individual approach

We always appreciate the time and feedback of our clients, this is why we select individual working conditions that will ultimately bring successful results for both parties.

Experienced staff

Qualified employees with years of experience will help you solve most of the issues, as well as, to conclude a successful and long-term deal with the company.

Accessible conditions

For more than 6 years we have been successfully holding our position in the market. This is why we are always ready to offer our customers competitive conditions for the purchase of our products.

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