About Ghallai Sughd

Who we are?

Ghallai Sughd was founded in 2009 and that year entered into an agreement for the purchase of mill equipment from Turkish company AnaInternational, whose mills have the capacity to workout 120 tons of wheat in a day. In 2010, a contract was signed for the purchase of special grain storage facilities (silos) of the Mysilo company, which were intended to store 7,500 tons of wheat and by the end of that year they were installed and put into operation. By the end of 2011, the installation work was completed and the production of flour began. Practice has shown that the technical conditions for the storage of raw materials in them meet international quality standards.

Our accomplishments?

It was continuous efforts, trust of our clients and their confidence that in 2013, for “Tandyr”- sort of flour, we received the recognition of the brand of the year in the Republican contest “Glory PIC” (“Пик Славы”). High quality products and a stable position in the market witnesses the high professionalism of employees, as well as a rational and effective management method. The leading highly qualified group constantly use modern technologies and advanced management methods for the fruitful activity of the enterprise.

Aims and Strategy

The main strategy of Gallai Sugd is uncompromising product quality. And the main goal is to provide our customers high-quality products that exceed their daily needs.To achieve its intended goal, “Gallai Sugd” provides high quality products to the current and to the future customers, by introducing modern technologies and continuously trying to preserve its advantages over customers.

To meet the ever-changing consumer demand, the company carries out a number of activities that are aimed at maintaining a constant, excellent product quality and service improvement.

Recently, our company began producing flour with two new brands, “Tandyr” and “Aknur”, and these products were registered at the State Institution of the National Patent Information Center under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan. Today, residents of the country have a wide choice for purchasing products of Gallai Sugd and are satisfied with its high quality.

To further strengthen its position in the market and to provide flour products that meet state standards, Gallai Sugd constantly researches and introduces innovations. Since our position is to produce quality products and always win the trust of our clients.

We have something to be proud of

“Gallai Sugd” LLC is one of the first enterprises in the Sughd region, which used the latest grain storage technologies, the capacity of which today allows to store 7,500 tons of grain. For the timely and high-quality supply of wheat storage with high rates to the storages, a railway branch has been established, which is considered an important factor for ensuring a constant resource and ensuring stable company operations. However, for the purpose of product competitiveness, today the Company uses the latest French equipment “CHJPEN”, “Mixolab” and “Alveolab”.

Quality control

Operational and phased product quality control from the stage of preparation of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers is carried out in the company’s laboratories, which today are considered one of the newest testing laboratories for this type of product. A multi-level quality control system consists of checking each batch of purchased raw materials from grain producers, continuously monitoring the condition of the grain stored in the storages, operational control of the output, strict accounting of the finished product, and maintaining ideal storage conditions in storages.

Using the latest technology for the storage of grain.

The company uses modern production and storage technologies, as well as advanced management methods. Technical facilities and production equipment are also always under control, which are constantly being reconstructed and modernized, taking into account the rapid growth of modern technologies.

The company's products comply with state standards

The high professional level of employees and company management is also an important success factor. The company’s specialists annually improve their knowledge through advanced training and exchange of experience with leading companies in the CIS countries.

Our Products

Individual approach

We always appreciate the time and feedback of our clients, this is why we select individual working conditions that will ultimately bring successful results for both parties.

100% Product Quality

Our products pass all GOST standards and have a high quality rating. In addition to the mandatory quality checks, we also conduct our own product analysis in the laboratory.

Accessible conditions

For more than 6 years we have been successfully holding our position in the market. This is why we are always ready to offer our customers competitive conditions for the purchase of our products.

Experienced staff

Qualified employees with years of experience will help you solve most of the issues, as well as, to conclude a successful and long-term deal with the company.